Self-service booking

Sometimes it is smart to do the booking yourself.

Amadeus has the best system for online booking.

Before you can go online with Amadeus we need to ensure that your company´s business travel policy is defined and implemented.

The traveller or the travel organiser makes the booking themselves. Tickets and bookings are automatically issued and delivered. Use your cell phone, tablet or desktop computer.

The system is perfectly suited for payment through a travel account (Diners TAC, First Card) or by means of a normal credit card.

Our online booking system makes it possible to book flights, trains, rental cars, ground transportation and hotels. The system is available 24/7.

Worth thinking about

There is so much to search for in this comprehensive system. However, you should consider what time it may take. Before setting up such a system on a company’s intranet, you must carefully test in a smaller group to see if it’s really correct. The risk is that much more time is spent (= money) than expected.

Properly used by a van person Amadeus is an excellent tool.

Would you like to try the system?

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