Saltour - statistik och uppföljning

Customized Reporting.

Saltour saves its corporate customers money through analysing statistics and providing follow-up. We also ensure travellers have more time to focus on the reason for their trip.

Put simply, we reduce travel costs. With a single unified purchasing channel for travel, every company has the perfect overview of its travel costs. For nearly 14 years, Saltour has put considerable effort into monitoring and compiling statistics on carbon footprint, travel costs and booking behaviour.

We have developed a method for measuring the rationality of travel costs.
We can provide you with a tool to help reduce your travel costs.

Environmental accounting

Environmental statistics are an important part of the figures.
What carbon footprint does my trip leave behind?
By air or rail? Total costs for the company or the individual?
You make the choice yourself and we provide you with the relevant content.
Monthly, quarterly or annually.

Travel costs

Companies have different requirements for content and frequency of follow-up but there is one common requirement: A company should be able to use statistics to motivate a travel policy and to keep down travel costs with the aid of decisions based on reality.

Should we completely prohibit our employees from travelling business class or should we think a little more outside the box? First or second class rail? Rebookable tickets or not? What applies or should apply? We generate a large volume of booking data in cooperation with each individual customer. How do you want it?

Business Travel

Business Travel
Customized Reporting
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