Varför anlita Saltour?

Why should you use Saltour?

   Save time and decrease your costs
 We help you before, during and after the trip
 We have access to many booking channels
 We can find cost-saving solutions more easily
 We are a travel advisor who is on your side
 We prioritise personal contact with the customer

We are small enough to understand

Saltour is a small-scale travel agency based in Saltsjöbaden, just outside Stockholm. We use the latest technology which helps us to work more efficiently, however also prioritise a high level of personal service. We really get to know who our travellers are. We save time for our customers and customize our suggestions based on our experience of each specific individual. Our Saltour travel consultant takes care of the whole chain: the enquiry, the booking and the billing. The travel policy of our customer companies is followed and guarantees the quality that your company desires for its business travel.

For us it doesn’t matter whether you are travelling by train to Gothenburg or flying to the other side of the planet. We understand that you are doing so to represent your company or organization and everything that entails.

We are constantly working to improve our routines and our use of the latest technology. New developments are constantly occurring and airlines are constantly changing their products and their rules. Something which it is quite impossible for the individual traveller to keep up to speed with. We do that for you and then make sure we exploit all available options.

Our co-operation with the big travel account companies like First Card, Diners TAC increases every year. More and more companies are appreciating the advantages of having a Travel Account.

We set ourselves very high standards and understand that we must earn our customers’ confidence every time we have contact with them, and with every trip they take. And today we are making twice as many bookings as we did six to seven years ago. A level of growth that is perhaps not so visible from the outside but which confirms to us that we are doing things right most of the time.

The one thing that we sometimes forget to remind our customers about is that not only do we book flights but we also can help with rental cars, train tickets and hotels.

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