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Saltour, 30 years as a business travel agency.

Saltour’s best marketing takes place on board – over the armrest!

Saltour started up in 1989 and we are still in the same premises today. We work 95% with business travel and arranging groups and conferences. Our best advertising is usually done on board. Over the armrest.

Obviously we have our own IATA licence, are members of SRF, the Association of Swedish Travel Agents and Tour Operators, and have provided a legally binding travel guarantee to Kammarkollegiet (the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency). Saltour AB is a member of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise /Almega – The Employers Association for the Swedish Service Sector (Svensk Näringsliv) and thus has a collective agreement with Unionen, the white collar workers union.

Since 2010 Saltour is a Partner of Egencia. This guarantees our access to good, competitive agreements with airlines, hotel chains and other suppliers.

Saltour AB is a 100% owned subsidiary of KNG Utveckling AB which in turn is owned by our MD Per Ingels.

Saltour AB

Box 64
133 21 Saltsjöbaden

Visiting and delivery address:

Torggatan 4, 133 31 Saltsjöbaden
VAT number: SE5563594430
The board’s registered office: Nacka

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